BMHS Freshman Summer Academy!


Brien McMahon High School



July 6 - August 6




9:00am – 9:50am

Class #1

10:00am – 10:50am

Class #2

11:00am – 11:50am

Class #3

11:50am – 12:15pm

Lunch Break

12:15pm – 1:00pm

Whole Group Enrichment


Registration forms and applications due by

June 30, 2020


Applications will be submitted to:

Qadir Abdus-Salaam

Brien McMahon High School

300 Highland Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06854


Or by fax:



Students must have a complete application on file before the start of the program.


Contact Qadir Abdus-Salaam if there are any questions.

(203)852-9488 x11333


Freshmen Success Summer Academy

Welcome to Brien McMahon High School and the Freshman Success Summer Academy. Rising 9th graders from are invited to participate in a 5-week summer program courtesy of the Carver Center.

Research suggests that the most difficult transition point in education is from middle to high school. Navigating a larger environment, excelling in rigorous courses, meeting graduation requirements, and juggling competing priorities can be quite challenging. The Freshman Success Summer Academy will be the necessary bridge into high school.

Students enrolling in the program will participate in academic courses, participate in House, the school’s advisory program, and take field trips to enhance team building and the academic program. Breakfast and lunch are provided for free each day.

Advisory is an integral part of the student’s high school program because it helps students make new friends and form a connection to BMHS. Its mission is to prepare students for life’s transitions, including career development and post-secondary opportunities, through meaningful connections. Students will participate in a weekly advisory meeting throughout the summer program.


Applications will be available at

BMHS  and on this website beginning March 2

*Program is dependent on funding

click Freshman Success Summer Academy 2020 Registration Form


Brien McMahon Principal

Mr. Scott Hurwitz

(203)852-9488 x11329

Summer Program Administrator

Mr. Qadir Abdus-Salaam

(203)852-9488 x11333


PERFECT ATTENDANCE and punctuality are expected since a great deal of material is covered in a short period of time. Students with other summer commitments should not 



All Norwalk Board of Education CODE OF CONDUCT policies are in effect during the summer program. Dismissal from the program based on these codes is the decision of the Summer Program Administrator.