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Project Lead the Way (PLTW) – A Pathway to Engineering Program  

High School students will now have the opportunity to take pre-engineering courses as part of their high Project Lead The Way Siteschool program. This Pathway to Engineering Program is designed as a flexible four-year sequence that will fit into any student‟s schedule and is taught in conjunction with traditional math and science courses. Research shows that PLTW students are five times as likely as other students to choose engineering and related disciplines in college and they have a higher retention rate in post-secondary engineering, science and related programs.

This Pathway to Engineering Program consists of a minimum of four courses:

3410 – Introduction to Engineering Design (see page 38)*

3411 – Principles of Engineering (see page 38)*

3412 – Digital Electronics (see page 38)*

3420 – Research Methods in Science and Engineering (see page 39)*


3413 - Biotechnical Engineering (see page 38)*

Students who maintain a 75% average in their mathematics/science courses, enjoy working with computers, learn best in a hands-on environment and show an interest in STEM careers should consider this program. Project Lead the Way has relationships with more than 100 colleges and universities. Of these, 36 colleges offer credit to students for completing Project Lead the Way courses.

* Referrs to the Guide to Subject Selection.