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Insurance Coverage

INSURANCE COVERAGE:  Insurance claim form can be accessed here.

The school has purchased insurance coverage to protect all interscholastic athletes, band members, majorettes, twirlers and flag carriers, cheerleaders, and all students in the district while in scheduled physical education classes, intramural sports, and non-sport related extracurricular activities.
The insurance plan is Excess coverage, i.e., you must submit all bills to your own insurance first, and the school policy will pick up the unpaid balances, up to the limits of the policy.
Although this coverage is very broad, there are restrictions, limitations, and exclusions in this policy.  In some situations, medical bills may not be covered in full.  Parents should understand that medical expenses are their own responsibility, not the schools.  Some of the important benefits and limitations of the plan are:
1.Maximum Medical Benefit is $25,000, along with a $5,000,000 catastrophic plan with a $25,000 deductible through AIG.
2.Treatment must commence within 90 days of the date of injury, or there is no coverage.
3.Physical Therapy Treatment (including chiropractic) has a limit of $500.  (A letter of Medical Necessity is required.)
4.Benefits are payable for up to 2 years from the date of injury on the base plan.
All injuries should be immediately reported to a coach, nurse, or faculty advisor.  Claim forms will be provided by the school, but it is the parents’ responsibility to:
1.Submit the claim form with Part 1-B filled out completely (any omissions will delay the processing of the claim).
2.Submit all itemized bills (monthly statements will not do).
3.Submit the statement (EOB-Explanation of Benefits) received from your own insurance company showing amounts paid and balances due, or, a letter of denial stating the claim is not covered (one of these is required for any payments to be made).
If you have no other medical insurance, you will receive a letter from the company requesting employer information.  Fill this out and return it to the company immediately and the claim will be processed.  Failure to return this letter will result in a delay or denial of the claim.
It is your responsibility, and to your benefit, to submit the necessary papers as soon as possible, as the claim cannot be paid until all papers are submitted.  Only one claim form per accident is required.
All claim forms, bills, and the letters from other insurance companies are to be forwarded to, and questions regarding the coverage answered by:
MATAWAN, NJ  07747

(800) 445-3126

1.Coach of sport will report injury to the School Athletic Trainer.
2.The School Athletic Trainer and Coach will fill out appropriate sections of claim form. 
3.The School Athletic Trainer will provide the student with a form with an explanation sheet.  Parents/guardians may also request a form from the Athletic Director. 
NOTE:    The School Athletic Trainer will keep a log to record dates when each step of the process occurs.
The interscholastic insurance carried by Norwalk Public Schools is paid for by the Norwalk Public Schools and is a non-duplicating policy.  This simply means that it only pays those charges that are not paid for by your own insurance carrier.  If you have neither an individual nor group contract, then it will pay for all injuries up to the limits of the policy.  Coverage is subject to limitations in the Student Accident Insurance Policy.  A copy of the policy is available for your review at the Central Office and at each high school’s main office.  The following steps must be taken in event of an injury:

  1. Report the injury to the Coach and Athletic Director.
  2. A claim form and instruction sheet must be obtained from the school’s Athletic Trainer.
  3. You must send the accident claim form, itemized bills, and statements to:

Bob McCloskey Insurance
P.O. Box 511, Matawan, NJ  07747
TEL:  (800) 445-3126