Student Activities



Ai China Club

Play games, watch movies, plan potlucks and tutoring.

Ms. Lok-DeFino




Room 1023

Anime Club

Celebrate all things anime – draw, watch and learn!

Ms. Dardani



Room 1026

B Kind

B Kind members actively work to spread kindness and complete acts of kindness in the school and surrounding community.

Ms. Bowley/Mrs. Kinne




Room 1074

Bella Italia

Students will experience and learn about Italian Culture. The students will become able to develop their own opinions of the culture.


Mr. Ruffo



Second & Fourth



Room 1042

Best Buddies

Best Buddies forms friendships and relationships between students with and without intellectual disabilities.

Mrs. LaPrad/Mrs. Hayes



Thursday after school. See an advisor for more information about times and dates

Room 1211


(Health Occupations Students of America)

HOSA is a group of students interested in Healthcare Careers that coordinate healthcare related activities here at BMHS. Student driven leadership help with the coordination and facilitation of the following activities: BMHS Health Fair, State & National HOSA chapter competition, blood drives, providing speakers from health care careers, and more.

Mrs. Quatrella

Ms. Connell





Room 2034

Book Club

Book club invites students who love to read and chat about books. Every first Thursday of the month we will meet to discuss new and popular books

Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Ottaviano


Once a month on the first Thursday

2:20 – 3:20

Library Learning Commons

Chem Is Try Club

The Chemistry club has two co-presidents and two vice presidents/treasurers that are elected by the club members. The club runs different events, including National Chemistry Week and celebrates, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter with the perspectives of chemistry. Members learn chemistry in the process of club activities. They prepare different experiments and demonstrate them during shows and classes. We are also involved in school-wide projects such as the design of the BMHS science wing, Wall of Pride, and murals in the science wing related to science.

Ms. Pivazyan




Room 2016

Chess Club

Learn to play chess!

Mr. Carter



Room 1025

Dance Club

Ms. Cairo


Tuesday & Thursday



Debate Team

Mr. Scalise




Room 1101

Embroidery Club

Learn to embroider and sew. Students gather together to do needle work, create new designs and learn new techniques. We will also be inviting experts to come and teach us.

Mrs. KC




2:15 – 3:15

Room 12015

E-Sport Club

ESports club invites students to join others and play team-oriented video games

Host different game days and Smash Bros. Tournaments

Ms. Bowley/Mr. Wagenberg




Room 1064


(Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

FCA brings students together for an empowering and encouraging positive experience. The club would be open to all denominations. A club where students can express their true selves.

Ms. Macey


6:45am – 715am

Room 1066


(Future Business Leaders of America)

A community serviced based group that discusses the fundamentals of business activities while giving back to those in need.

Ms. Slattery




Room 1066

Freethinkers Society of Science Fiction

Watch, Listen and discuss everything science and science fiction.



Mr. Linsky


Every other Wednesday


Room 2039

French Club

French Club explores francophone cultures through film, food, music, and crafts. Anyone can join! Sign up for Google classroom about meetings. code: n0g3on0


Mrs. Amezzane/

Dr. Galambos


Once a month on Wednesday

First mtg. 10/17

Room 1057

Garden Club

The garden club grows organic produce that is used in the school salad bar, sold in school farmers markets, as well as donated to various organizations




Ms. Peckham






(Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

The purpose of this club is to create a support group/safe space for students of all sexualities and gender identities. We discuss topics and events in and about the LGBT+ community, and what these students experience as the LGBT+ youth.

Ms. Stabach



2:15 – 3:15

Room 2051

Girls Who Code

This program is for girls to explore coding and learn computer science through real-world projects. The students will also receive mentoring weekly.

Ms. Jahnke/Ms. Ayala



Room 2078

Hidden Voices – Lit & Art Magazine

The Literary/Art Magazine is a juried publications that showcased the talents of McMahon’s writers, artist, photographers, craftspeople and illustrators. We read submissions and identify potential pieces for inclusion in the next volume. We choose selections that exemplify the diversity and strength of our student body and spend several months working on a unifying theme, layout and production.

Ms. Stabach



Room 2051

Haitian Club

Showcase the history of Haiti and foster awareness and pride in the culture

Mr. Emmanuel


Every other Friday

Room 2010

Hidden Voices: BMHS Literary & Arts Magazine

As a club, we function in many ways. Our creative team selects the theme for the magazine and makes the final decision on all content that will be published. We edit the work that is submitted and focus on creating a magazine that reflects the student body of BMHS. Our social media team works to keep the BMHS community involved in our process. We seek submissions in the form of any type of writing or art. If you enjoy being creative – this is the place for you!

Ms. Stabach




Room 2051

Hip Hop Dance Team

The team will participate in special school events. We will promote school spirit and have fun doing something positive.

Ms. Treminio



2:30 – 4:00

Room 1045

International Dance

The goal of the clubs is to learn many forms of dance while having fun. We are a diverse group of students with an open mind and positive attitude.

Ms. Sigmund



Room 1020

J Club

We offer educational extra curricula focused mainly on tutoring of the Japanese language, as well as, extra exploratory study and culture sessions for the Japan Bowl competition, including cooking, movie viewing and other fun activities.

Ms. Sigmund




Room 1020

JA High School Heroes

JA High School Heroes offers students a unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills and engage in volunteerism. Students will receive leadership training and have an opportunity to teach JA programs at local elementary schools.

Mr. Scalise




Room 1101

K Club

Explore Korean culture (music, TV, food, etc.)

Ms. Sigmund




Room 1020

Key Club

A volunteer and community service club. The club helps out at BMHS and in in the community. The meetings are primarily run by the students. The Key Club advisor supervises the meetings.

Dr. Ralston


Thursday 2:20pm

Room 2094

Math Team

Practice doing HARD algebra and geometry questions, prepare for math competitions. Good prep for math class, SAT, college, life – PROBLEM SOLVING.

Mr. Root




Competitions first Wednesday of the month in Wilton

Room 2081

Model United Nations

A Student group that debates international topics of the day between ourselves and conferences against other schools using the United Nations style of debate.

Mr. Sommer




Room 2063

NAACP – BMHS Chapter
The club is dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for issues surrounding race and social justice in our school and the world at-large. The NAACP club meets and discusses these issues and also participates in events that can help spread the message of the National Chapter.


Ms. Dias




Room 2111

Peer Mediation

The Peer Mediation Program at Brien McMahon consists of students in grades 9 through 12, who have been extensively trained in mediation conflict. Each individual in Peer Mediation has been taught communication and conflict resolution skills.

The goal of Peer Mediation is to provide a resource for dispute settlement before a conflict escalates to a disciplinary referral. The program is based on the idea that some students are more apt to listen to their peers than to an authoritative figure.

Mr. Castelluzzo


Once monthly blocks 2 or 4 rotating A/B days


conference room

Peer Mentors

The club matches juniors and freshman so they can be a mentor pear for two years

Mrs. D’Onofrio


Various times

Career Center


Mr. Grillo


Room 1185

Spanish Club

Club members plan cultural events and trips throughout the year to promote Spanish culture and heritage. Towards the end of the school year we host a Multi-Cultural Night. In the past is was held as a Spanish cultural expression but last year final event included the Italian Club.

Mr. Mirabal




Room 1050


Students will explore science, technology, engineering, arts and math through hands-on 3D printing, programming games and field trips. This will better prepare us for college and we will have fun! Come join us!!

Ms. Medina/Mr. Deandrade



2:15 – 3:10

Room 1206

S.T.E.A.M. Travelers Club

This is an organization composed of BMHS students traveling the globe to explore science, technology, engineering, ART, and mathematical interests. These students participate in research while on tour and take part in project based learning as well as experiential learning. Students choose different destinations they would like to travel to each year.

Mrs. White


TBD/as needed


Room 1125

Unified Sports

A sports team that combines athletes with and without intellectual disabilities. Tournaments and games are played against other FCIAC schools.

Mrs. LaPrad

Mrs. Hayes


Times Vary

See an advisor for a calendar of events

Location Varies


Video & Film, Arts, Makeup, Modeling, Photography

Students will have the opportunity to explore their interests and dreams. Students can use the experiences to begin planning their career path.

Ms. Treschitta


Tuesday, Wednesday



Room 1074

World Community Service Club

Students will be involved in community and global volunteering, in addition to service activities.

Mrs. Okrentowich



Room 2059


Varsity and Junior Varsity

Mr. SantaLucia


Meetings to be announced. Look for flyers. Begins Monday, Nov 27.


Young Republicans of McMahon

Mission of this club is to educate students and promote the principles of freedom, free marketing and limited government.

Mr. Deandrade



2:30 – 3:30

Room 2082


(Youth Development Program)

After-school enrichment program for homework support and activities for students.

Mr. Garcia






A class that produces the BMHS Yearbook. Full year class, 1 elective credit. 10th and 11th graders should consider signing up for this class.

Ms. Meo


Period 1B

Room 1121