NPS Graduation Requirements


BOE policy 6146 (b)


Norwalk Public Schools requires that students fulfill the following requirements in order to graduate.  Students must:

  1. complete course credit requirements and
  2. meet the performance standards (standardized test benchmark).

20 Credit Graduation and Course Requirements

For the Classes of 2018 and 2019:

A student must earn a minimum of 20 total credits and meet the credit distribution in the following specific subject areas:

4.0 Credits in English
 3.0 Credits in Social Studies, of which 1.0 must be in U. S. History and .5 in Civics
 3.0 Credits in Mathematics  
 3.0 Credits in Science (One lab science class is required in either Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
 1.0 Credit in the Arts (Arts, Business Technology, Technology Education, Music, Family   and Consumer Sciences, or JROTC)
 1.0 Credit in Physical Education
 0.5 Credit in Health Education
 0.5 Credit in Computer Literacy

  4.0   Credits in Electives

 20.0            MINIMUM CREDITS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION              

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25 Credit Graduation and Capstone Requirements

For the Class of 2020 and beyond:

A student must earn a minimum of 25 credits and meet the credit distribution in the following specific subject areas:


 4.0 Credits in English (Including Composition)
 3.0 Credits in Social Studies (Must include 1.0 in US History and .5 in Civics)
 1.0 Credit in Fine Arts (Art, Music, Theatre, Dance)
 1.0 Credit in Humanities Elective (English, WL, SS, Fine Arts)

        STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

 4.0 Credits in Mathematics (At least 3 credits must be earned in high school: including     Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II or Probability & Statistics)
 3.0 Credits in Science (Including 1 credit in Life Science and 1 credit in Physical           Science)
 1.0  Credit in STEM Elective (Science, Technology, English, Math Elective)

           LIFE SKILLS

 1.0 Credit in Physical Education
 0.5 Credit in Health and Safety
 2.0 Credits in Career and Life Skills Elective (Career and Tech Ed; Business; Family,       and Consumer Science; WL; Community Service; Personal Finance; Public         Speaking; Nutrition and Physical Activity; including the 0.5 computer literacy requirement)

 2.0 Credits in World Languages
 1.0 Credit in Capstone (Successful Completion)
 1.5 Credits in Open Electives



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Grade 9 - 7.5       Grade 10 -  7        Grade 11 - 7         Grade 12 - 6.5

Grade 12 students must carry 6.5 credits and must pass a minimum of five (5) credits.  A grade 12 student who will have accumulated the required number of credits by June of the senior year, but who has not earned and passed five (5) credits in the senior year, will not be eligible for graduation in June.

Additionally, any student who has not fulfilled the graduation requirements will not be eligible to participate in the June graduation ceremony.

Computer Literacy Requirement:The following courses fulfill the computer literacy requirement:

Business: Computer Application, Web Page Design, Microsoft Office Applications, Computer Construction/Repair, CISCO Networking 1, Honors CISCO Networking 2, Honors Accounting 2

Mathematics: Computer Science 1, Computer Science 2, Advanced Placement Computer Science A

Science: Digital Electronics (Project Lead the Way)


Performance Standards 

Students will successfully complete NPS District benchmark tests including, but not limited to, NWEA, PSAT, SAT, as well as midterm and final exams


State of Connecticut Suggested Level of Proficiency on SAT
2018 Benchmark

State of Connecticut PSAT Grade 11 Benchmark

 - 530 out of 800 Math
 - 480 out of 800 Evidenced-based Reading and Writing (ERW)


More specific information to be disseminated to the Class of 2020 and beyond.


  1. Students must complete TBD hours of community service and/or internship.
  2. Students must write reflection papers documenting their service experience.
  3. Students give a presentation in a format TBD relating to their service experience.


Capstone is an over-arching experience under which a number of opportunities are made available for students to consider as part of their course of study during their high school years and is a culmination of the academic experience at Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon High School.  The overall purpose is to give students a chance to engage in an in-depth, hands-on study of a discipline or an area about which the students are highly interested or passionate.  The emphasis for the students is to establish a self-challenging goal through the deliberate articulation of a project or course of study.

Capstone is an opportunity for students to explore an area of interest outside the constructs of the traditional educational program, thereby enabling them to participate in a meaningful, non-traditional learning experience, in some cases, beyond Norwalk’s walls.  Students will work in the community or on campus during their junior and/or senior year, exploring a field of interest prior to beginning their formal post-secondary plans.

The primary goal of the Capstone Experience is to place students directly in charge of their learning by making possible direct or hands-on experiences.  A secondary goal is to provide a venue for students to connect learning, life, and work as they begin the transition to their post-high school plans. ‚Äč

The key components of this program are assuming ownership of choice and engaging in new learning experiences fostering a powerful voice in their own education.  Students are encouraged to take on ambitious projects, in which they become authors or designers constructing a bridge between their accumulated skills and knowledge learned in the classrooms and the world beyond Norwalk High School and Brien McMahon High School.  Project topics and format may vary.  Students may select from a list of options including: internship, field study, independent study, community service, and/or Capstone programs with other high schools or nearby colleges.

Requirements for Capstone:

Proposal Form/Research Paper

TBD hours of Fieldwork & Journal