Naviance, a computer program for Career and College exploration. Students are given password to Naviance by thier counselor.  Seniors are encouraged to visit the site regularly. Some scholarships have a direct link to a website, and others have a paper application that can be picked up in the Guidance Office.

Brien McMahon Scholarship Fund: Common Scholarship

The BMHS Scholarship Application is now available on your Naviance/Family Connection account. Seniors who meet the above GPA criteria are eligible to apply. The application deadline is Wednesday, February 28, 2013. There will be no applications accepted after this date. To access the application, please follow these instructions:


  1. Log onto your Naviance/Family Connection account
  2. Click on the “About Me” section to access the BMHS Scholarship.
  3. Submit all of your answers!
  4. Click on the Home tab
  5. Click on Document Library
  6. Print Resume/Signature Page
  7. Collect appropriate signatures (advisors, coaches, employer, etc.) to verify hours/participation listed on the resume/signature page
  8. Return Resume/Signature page (signed by student and parent/guardian) with acopy of your parent’s 2014 Federal Income Tax Returnto Guidance


SENIORS WITH A MINUMUM 2.0 GRADE POINT AVERAGE MAY APPLY.The application will be considered completeonlywith all of the above required information. Please contact Ms. D’Onofrio or Mr. Castelluzzo in Guidance if you have any questions.


There are many financial aid resources online with searchable databases. A good link to most of these sites can be found at the CT Department of Higher Education Web Sitewww.ctdhe.orgunder Students and Parents.

REMEMBER- deadlines are important and 10 days are needed to process the necessary transcript and recommendation information. Requests for information for Scholarships requiring school materials can be made through Naviance Family Connection.