Library Use Policies

BMHS Library Media Center Circulation Policies

1)      Books can be taken out for 2 weeks. 

2)      Books can be renewed unless they are on hold for another student.

3)      There is no limit on how many fiction books can be taken out.  A limit may be imposed on nonfiction books required for a class project.

4)      There is a $0.05 per day charge for books returned after the due date.  There is a maximum late charge of $2.00 per book.

5)      If a book from the library media center is lost, the student must either replace the item or pay for its replacement.  

6)      Drop books you want to return into the slot in the circulation desk near the sign-in sheets.


Policies for using Library Media Center computers

1)      Log into the computer with your own user name and password.  Your student ID# is your user name.  Your password consists of your student ID# followed by the month and date of your birthday.  If either number has only one digit, do NOT put a zero in front of it.  If you need help, ask a member of the library staff.

2)      To access the internet, you should have an Acceptable Use Policy signed and on file.  This means that you and your parents have agreed that you will only use school computers for research and school-related work.

3)      One person per computer, please.  If you are working with a partner on a project, let a member of the library staff know—just remember, the key word is WORKING!

4)      No games, no IMing, no shopping, and only school-related email, please.