Course Selection


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During the second semester of each school year, extensive plans and procedures are instituted in preparation for the following year.  None is of more importance, nor has further reaching implications, than scheduling. It is imperative that both parents and students exercise careful planning prior to making course selections.


The counselors will provide all materials and offer advice prior to the announced deadlines.  You are asked to review this booklet carefully and consult with your counselor on special problems or concerns in arriving at final decisions.  Once decisions are made, the course selection sheet must be signed by both student and parent and returned to the counselor.Once submitted, the selection sheet constitutes the basis for all further planning.  Subsequent changes in selections will only be made if 1) the printed schedule is incorrect   2) there is a prerequisite or credit deficiency; or, 3) there is a conflict.  The change(s) will be determined after consultation with your counselor and approval of an administrator. Where conflicts arise, students must be prepared to make alternative choices in order to resolve the conflicts. Please make your decisions carefully and thoughtfully. 


Information about required subjects, prerequisites, co-requisites, and units of credit is contained in this booklet.   Evaluate your requirements and study the courses available to you.  Review this information with your parents and counselor.  Keep in mind your goals for what you will be doing after you graduate. 


A limited number of courses may be offered on alternating years depending upon student selection patterns and staff availability.  The school reserves the right to cancel or limit enrollment in any course. 

While counselors provide professional guidance, students and parents are also responsible for using this guide to assure that the students take the coursework necessary for graduation.



 1. A full year subject dropped after the first quarter will be recorded and an "F" for failure for the year on the permanent record. No notation will be made for subjects dropped during the first quarter.

 2. Half-year subjects dropped after twenty (20) school days will be recorded as an "F" for failure for the year. No notation will be made for subjects dropped during the first twenty (20) school days.

 3. A course carrying .125 credit must be dropped before the 5th class is held. After the 5th class, that subject will be dropped with an “F.”

 4. In those cases where a student drops and adds a course with an “H” in the dropped course, the “H” will follow to the add course. No distinction is made among similar related or unrelated courses. The “H” as well as unexcused absences will follow in all classes.

 5. When a student transfers to another level (same subject class) from an AP course, the transferred grade will not be weighted. The AP course dropped will not be reflected on the transcript.