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300 Highland Ave., Norwalk Ct 06854

Phone: 203-852-9488

Fax: 203-899-2813

NPS Snow Hotline: 203-854-4123

Welcome to Brien McMahon High School

BMHS Senators
Home of the Senators

Brien McMahon High School will prepare all students for the challenges of the 21st century by fostering intellectual curiosity and inspiring our students to become responsible, ethical, and innovative members of a global society.

   Be respectful.  Make good decisions.  Help others.  Strive for success.


January 16 - January 22
Midterm Exams

   Exam Schedule  

Wednesday, Jan 15

Full Day of School

Period 1A

Thursday, Jan 16

Shorten Day of School

Periods 2A & 2B

Friday, Jan 17

Shorten Day of School

Periods 3A & 3B

Tuesday, Jan 21

Shorten Day of School

Periods 4A & 4B

Wednesday, Jan 22 Shorten Day of School
Cafeteria opens at 9:30
Bus departure @ 10am
Period 1B/Makeups 


Shorten Day Schedule


Exam  1

7:30 - 9:30 


Exam 2

9:40 - 11:40

       11:40 - 12:15

Dismissal 12:15 

Important Notes to Remember

  • All full-year and half-year classes will have exams.  The only exception is Academic Assistance.
  • Exams have a significant impact on a student’s final course grade.  In full-year classes, this exam is considered a midterm and accounts for 10% of the final grade for the course.  In half-year classes, this exam is considered a final and accounts for 20% of the final grade for the course.  Please do not underestimate the importance of exams and preparing properly.
  • Every student currently enrolled in full-year and half-year courses (Academic Assistance excluded) is expected to attend school during the designated exam period for each course.
  • With the exception of the first day, there will be an early dismissal on January 16-22 exam days.  Buses will pick up in the morning at the regular time and drop off approximately 2 hours early at the end of the day.  There will not be a second bus run for students who only have the second exam on a given day.
  • Students who do not have any exams on a given day should not attend school on that day.  They will not be marked absent and will not be penalized.   The only exception is the first exam day (currently 1/14) which is a full day of school.
  • Students who only have one exam on a given day only need to be present for that exam.  They may arrive late or leave early as needed.  Students who only have the first exam are allowed to remain at school until dismissal and study or do work in the library or cafeteria.  Students who only have the second exam are allowed to arrive early and study in the cafeteria or in the library.
  • If a student is legitimately ill on a given exam day, a note should be presented to the appropriate administrator upon the student’s return.  Make ups will only be allowed if authorized by an administrator.  Waking up late or not knowing the exam schedule are not considered valid excuses and students will not be granted the opportunity to make up the exam.
  • If there is a snow day between now and the start of midterms, the first exam day will be pushed back. 


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